Roo - Internal Comms

  • Ashley James Goddard
  • James Chorley
In a war-torn country, Rumaila is helping to re-establish society and rebuild Iraq. Being the largest oilfield; providing over 6,800 jobs to Nationals, as well as hospitals, schools, and whole communities.
Though-out multiple years of Pulse Brands and Rumaila working together on ‘Internal communications and employee engagement’ we were successfully recognised with a ‘PR Week Award’ (2017). Creating material such as an employee newspaper which shares knowledge and recognises hard-work across the field, we were better able to help revile individual stories and create ‘One Team’ ethos.

Creating a bi-lingual newspaper offers up many challenges as I can not read or write in Arabic. Having to recognising certain charactrters in order to keep consistncy of design style telling the story.
Akhbar Al-Rumaila is a monthly newspaper that I manage for a Rumaila (a BP Iraq sub-brand) has recently undergone a redesign as it was lacking a clear hierachy and purpose. Creating a solution to communicate their stories was a challenge; persuading clients to encourage change where there was language barrier was a new experience to me making sure my reasoning was clear.
The PR Week award was achieved due to a accumalative effort of both design and communications. With a arsenal of diiferent strategies which award equality to everyone across Rumaila we built a equal infastructure won PR Week award 2017 for Internal Communications.