• Bingxin Feng

SAFETY WARNING (Welcome to the Spiceship) is an experimental fashion film project using interactive video visual processing built with computer vision techniques during the filming process to explore a new way of fashion presentation/performance, which transforms the camera from a documenting recorder to a live narrative editor. The Project presents 6 looks from the textile designer Jojo Ruiji Zhou’s diploma collection. There are 4 categories of narratives (interactive video processing design) for every look. And to experiment on an ambiguous nature in between film and performance, there are 2 presenting forms for this project. One is an online live stream, which presents the complete process of this fashion presentation, including makeup, styling, the actual performing, and some referenced/inspired visual elements from the designer’s collection research - This online live stream is a hybridization between performance and documentation. And the other form is an after-edited film, edited with the recorded footages of the interactive performance process.