• Sebastian Baptiste

CO-founded a Multi-platform creative hub in 2016 ' We are a multi-platform creative hub aiming to give young adults ranging from 16-30 a place to feel at home, enjoy a good hot drink and also have the freedom to create and socialise. The main objective is to allow people to have the freedom of creativity as young people struggle to feel security in the artistic world. We aim to do this by providing a space that can be multi-purposed as place where social events, workshops and classes can be held. To further the proactive environment we would aim to put up artwork and clothing displayed on the walls, not only to give the aesthetic that it’s an artistic place but to also emphasise and inspire people to pursue their art as we'd also take art for commission and sell from the establishment.' This started as being a resourceful middle-man for many independant creatives, brands individually before starting a company which name I created, its goal was to be a more dynamic Linkedin with a heavy physical event presence where talent can meet talent. The first 2 events to give the public a taste of the vision was solely curated by me under the events name ' The Ends Show' reasoning behind it was that the talent around me needed exposure within certain industry networks I had access to, I used the name 'Ends' because in London culture that is how people describe their area of residence. Both were thrown in Islington and Camden, two boroughs I grew up in and around, representing the need for community engagement for authentic support. Third event was at the research agency ON ROAD, which featured art, fashion, music, food and interactive games on projectors. This was to give people a visual representation of our creative resources and access to multiple avenues of talent.


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