Scratch That Itch: Riposte, with Joey Yu

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We partnered with Riposte - A Smart Magazine for Women - to get under the skin of three fascinating UK-based women who are boldy and unashamedly living their lives as the people they want to be.

We unravel the layers of Joey Yu, Emma Low and Tahima Begum to explore how their upbringing, heritage and careers have helped to shape the people they are today, plus how they express their multi-dimensional personalities through their experimental style choices.

Photography: Rosie Matheson

Joey Yu, Illustrator

Growing up, my parents owned a hairdresser’s in the suburbs of London, so I would spend lots of time in the salon staffroom drawing and playing in the garden. It’s hard to sum up the influence of your heritage in words but it does manifest in different ways though—a taste in food, the certain rules in a household, a yearning for a hot climate.

Joey wears Neil in Matte Black
Joey wears Vic Lux in Pink Suede

My identity is layered, I can be as equally boisterous as I can be quiet and reflective. How I dress is important to me and often reflects my moods. I’m a big power dresser though! Even if I’m not leaving my house I like to get ready just to feel mentally prepared for the day.

Joey wears Grace in Caramel Blitz

I think a problem with social media is it typically flattens out the depth of personality that everyone has—it’s good to remember there’s always so much more to someone than what they seem online.

Joey wears Max Metal Temple in Lilac

I try and draw every day. Making marks on paper is really important for me to process things. It’s a way of consolidating and cementing those soft shoots of ideas that I have, and the things that I don’t understand. I don’t have to be happy with the drawings I make all the time. I actually make a lot of work that I don’t like, which makes me kind of happy.

Everyone I meet seems to leave a mark on me. My English teacher in Year 11 had a big impact on me. She was this incredible woman; one of the rare people who really believed in the subject they taught.

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