Secret 7"

  • Stuart Tolley

Each year I am invited to submit a vinyl record cover design to Secret 7" a yearly exhibition and fundraising event. The brief is simple, create a unique artwork to visually represent one of 7 tracks, from 7 of the best-known musicians, which are pressed 100 times to 7” vinyl. These one of a kind artworks, created by some of the World's most renowned visual artists, are exhibited and sold for £50 apiece, to raise funds for a designated charity. In 2018 I designed and built a 4 layer clear perspex flower press, which freezes and records a fleeting moment natures cycle, to represent Castles Made of Sand, by Jimi Hendrix, whose lyrics represent the temporary nature of existence. In 2016 I represented the gradual building of 'Clearest Blue', by Chvrches, by layering transparent perspex onto a white base.