Sex Talks: Abortion fundraiser event on July 13th @ The Edition

  • Emma-Louise Boynton
  • Emma-Louise Boynton

In light of the overturning of Roe Vs Wade in America, the next Sex Talks event will explore the subject of bodily autonomy, while raising money for a UK-based abortion-care provider, @abortionsupportnetwork. PART ONE: LETTERS LIVE In a 'Letters Live' style evening, we will first be joined by a range of brilliant speakers (writers, campaigners, actors, activists, artists and more) who will read aloud a letter they've penned to their body. Each letter will reflect on the writer's personal relationship with their body (on its shape, sexuality, gender, health...) and what bodily autonomy means to them. We're going to be joined by some incredible speakers for this, including: sexfluencer, Scotty Unfamous; model and body positivity coach, Kitty Underhill; artist, Laxmi; presenter and contirbuting ed. at Glamour, Josh Smith; comedian, Harriey Kemsley; Pxssy Palance co-founder, Nadine Noor Ahmad; and writer & trans advocate, Kenny Ethan Jones. PART TWO: TURNING ANGER TO ACTION In the latter half of the evening, we'll learn how to turn our anger to action. For this panel discussion, I'll be joined by actor Will Poulter (who you may recognise from Dopesick, Detroit, or perhaps Marvel's upcoming film, Guardians Of The Galaxy) who actively uses his voice and platform to campaign around issues including domestic violence, anti-bullying, and anti-racism (check out his insta asap). He'll be joining me to discuss the ways in which he strives to be a good ally (lord knows we need more of them rn please and thanks). I'll also be joined by the co-founder of sexual wellness app, Billie Quinlan. After being sexually assaulted by her manager at after-work drinks, Billie turned her anger to action in a very real way by quitting her job and building an app designed to help other women overcome sexual trauma and reconnect with their sexuality. My third speaker will be announced later today. All ticket sales will go to The Abortion Support Network. 6:30pm @ The Edition


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