What can we all learn from polyamory?

  • Emma-Louise Boynton

� The event � Challenging the cultural script around sex and relationships, and what we can all learn from polyamory... Go to school, then uni. Get a boyfriend. Move-in together. Get engaged. Have a baby. Get a promotion somewhere along the line. Maybe buy a flat. Have another baby… The cultural script many of us grow up with regarding what a ‘successful’ life looks like follows a pretty linear trajectory. It is one typically marked by a series of key life milestones tied in various ways to finding a romantic partner and ‘settling down’ with said partner to have that 'perfect' nuclear family. In a similiar vein, the sexual script around what sex 'should' look and feel and be like (P in V... ) is pretty damn reductive. Personally, I resent the fact that the only kind of sex that makes me orgasm is deemed an optional side, aka 'foreplay'... and it took me until my twenties to find that out. So, in this month's Sex Talks session, we'll be unpacking some of these damaging cultural scripts around sex and relationships, and exploring the myriad factors that shape sexuality, including colonialism, shitty sex ed and reductive gender norms. Then we'll turn to how we can challenge these ideas, with particular focus on polyamory and what we might all be able to learn from those who take an ethically non-monogamous approach to relationships. � The speakers � Bronwyn Griffiths, aka 'Fanny Minka' of Sink the Pink - a queer polyamorous writer and performer in her 40s. Bronwyn's blog, Minka Guides, is all about celebrating life beyond the norm, which is exactly what we'll be doing during this Sex Talks, and she is also the co-founder of ENM Fam London, a community-building event for non-monogamous folks. So how has polyamory impacted Bronwyn's life? "It has transformed the relationship I have with myself," she says, "helping me to understand that my journey isn't about finding 'the one', this other half who will complete me, because I am already whole. As a hopeless romantic, it has enabled me to fill my life with the abundance of love that I desire, while remaining centred in the knowledge that I am my own soulmate. & Almaz Ohene - an award-winning, multi-disciplinary writer and creative working across sexuality education, journalism and branding. Founder of ‘Kayleigh Daniels Dated’, a web platform combining sexy stories with informative sexual health features, Almaz has written extensively about sexuality for numerous leading publications. She is also part of the Decolonising Contraception Collective – a community interest group working within sexual and reproductive health – and is a collaborator with the School of Sexuality Education, (formerly Sexplain), an independent organisation running inclusive and comprehensive sex ed workshops in schools. How does Almaz propose we challenge the cultural script around sex and relationships? "Think about what it is that you actually want from a situation or relationship as a starting point," she says, "rather than automatically defaulting to what society tells you that you're supposed to want. Grab your ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sex-talks-do-we-all-having-something-to-learn-from-polyamory-tickets-299107367187