#SHAPE Dundde

As part of PARKing day project (Change a parking space into a social space for a day) my team decide to use the space as spatial prob to better understand how citizens feel about the changes in their city. The city of Dundee is getting a new V&A museum of design (completed by 2018) and the whole city is going through differnet spatial changes. We wanted people, citizens of Dundee to be apart of this changes by shaping our space with their ideas of how would they shape their city. On the roof of our structure, we placed a map of Dundee and hung ropes from it. We invited people to come along, get a light bulb, write their idea on it and then hang them based on their height from the map roof. At the end of the day, we got a space that was shaped by people of Dundee, full of their ideas of what they want in their city.

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Urska Ticar

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