Shopify - RFID experience

  • Lorena Taheri
  • Jimmy Ginn

Shopify were one of the largest brands exhibiting at DMEXCO2019 and Paris Retail Week. At these notoriously busy events, they were keen to find ways to cut through the noise and bring to life some of the stories from their clients in a quirky way.


The team at Solarflare worked closely with One Rise East and Shopify to develop a series of RFID-enabled objects that would tell the stories of some of their key clients, from idea to launch and beyond. When objects were placed on an RFID reader, bespoke video content would play and bring the stories to life. Metrics were also captured to allow Shopify to measure success in terms of footflow and dwell time.


The events were a great success and future collaborations are already being planned!

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