• Jay Chan
  • Margarida Aleixo
  • Rebecca Mckee
  • Alex Salas-Wardman
  • Jarod McBride
  • Joyce Li
  • alex salas-wardman
We partnered with Sky to help bring to life their new proposition for an app designed specifically for kids and their parents.

As Sky’s product partner, we contributed visual design, user experience and development expertise, but we also brought our ‘One Team’ mindset and coaching capability to the project.

Helping Sky to set up a product team, with a particular focus on user-centered design, meant delivering thoughtful, transformative coaching. We’re proud to have worked so closely with an innovative, forward-looking company helping to create the ideal team to deliver this product. We brought the best of Sky and the best of ustwo together, to form one cross-disciplinary team, working side by side.

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