Sky Creative UWTSD Design Week Challenge WINNER!

  • Georgia McDonald
  • Abby Slater

SKY CREATIVE DESIGN WEEK CHALLENGE- CLIMATE CHANGE-ONE SKY ONE CHANGE- WINNER! This project was instigated during UWTSD Design Week (Feb 2020). Sky Creative was a guest speaker at the event and proposed a design challenge for the participants. Their challenge was simple, create a solution to their problem. Sky wanted to promote climate change to a younger audience. Our task was to create and present our idea by the end of the day. The idea was “one sky one change” as viral marketing campaign that would use social media to promote the campaigns message. The campaigns aim was to connect with the target audience by providing simple changes they could do at home (free). From putting a tea bag in the recycling to turning the lights off when you leave the room. The fun twist of this campaign was the a social media challenge, to challenge the internet to take up the #oneskyonechangechallenge. This challenge would spread by the participant recording their ONE CHANGE and challenging a friend to make their ONE CHANGE. WHO: SKY CREATIVE LOCATION: UWTSD DESIGN WEEK PROJECT: ONE SKY ONE CHANGE