Snapchat Stickets

  • Thomas Hedger

Snapchat invited me to create two sticker packs that would be featured on their app. This project was part of an initiative to increase the use of snapchat amongst artists and designers and widen the exposure of art and illustration within their community, by engaging my work to an active, young audience. The theme was open, but with a mindfulness to a very diverse group of users. I wanted the two packs to combine to best represent everyone in the everyday. To maximise their usage potential. There is a strong emphasis on people within this collection as I felt sticker packs too often contain representations of icons or emojis. So I looked to communicate non-binary, body positive androgynous characters that could openly be used by all, whilst promoting healthy thinking and intentionally avoiding stereotypes in colour, shape, form, and scale to let the characters play.

Project Tags


  • Snapchat logo


    • Technology