SomeOne Summer Party

  • Simon Manchipp
  • Laura Hussey

When we started SomeOne 15 years ago, we wanted to do many things, but there were three principles: 1) Do great work. 2) Make enough money. 3) Have fun. If at any point we found that one of these aspects was missing from the practice, we’d know things were going askew and that we’d need to make adjustments. It’s served us well, and while doing great work doesn’t always mean we make life easy for ourselves, it’s been a sure fire way of attracting more great projects.

For many more traditional companies (and more than a smattering of new ones) the third point is often forgotten — or tagged on in a rushed Christmas Pub gathering.

But we take the business of having fun seriously!

Which is why, every Summer we endeavour to give everyone experiences they’d be hard pressed to replicate themselves. Namely an all expenses paid, three day party on the greatest party island on the planet — Ibiza.
I know that The Dots is primarlily a place to show creative work. But I thought it could be good to show some of the other things we create along the way to help the creative work — and the creative teams — be the best they can be.
This year saw us enjoy a long lunch in the beautiful bay of Cala Benirrás —  then party the night away at Pikes Hotel & Melon Bomb.

Then our longstanding yacht party (You might spot our skipper in the group shot taken by the brilliant Sorted) was opened by DJ Grit, followed by MC Chopper with a standout headline spot from The Cosmo. Catering & BBQ was by the brilliant SpiceRack.

Dinner was at the ever amazing Blue Marlin, with more beachside dancing courtesy of Luciano.

Later a full superclub experience awaited from winner of ‘Best DJ in the World’, BlackCoffee at Hi Ibiza (which features the most extraordinary dancefloor toilets we’ve ever seen).

Sunday’s Pool Party & Brunch took in the delights of SolBeachHouse and then it was time for a flight home (that none of us can really remember).
I really believe that it's not just hard work that makes the best work, you need to leave space to look around a little, soak up new influences and ideas — and spend time not working with your colleagues to really make the most of the creative opportunities that come your way.

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