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Sound with Power

Award winning audio visual mashup and split screen edit for the new E63 AMG campaign...

#Working with Mercedes-Benz and AMV BBDO, we were tasked with creating an exciting audio visual mashup to promote the new Mercedes E63 AMG. The ambitious aim of the project was to combine several different sounds and pieces of music designed to stir differing emotional responses. These would then fuse together, along with the sounds from the E63 AMG’s V8 engine, to form an original, audio visual track. Uniquely the music mix, sound design and split screen edit all had to be undertaken simultaneously as any change in any one aspect would completely change the entire piece.
Finding 4 songs that worked both individually and sampled together, that worked alongside the sound of the engine, appealed to a younger demographic, would also work visually in a spilt screen edit, were licensable and were flexible enough to be used in the interactive #soundwithpower campaign online was a hugely demanding but extremely satisfying undertaking.

In addition, we created all the content for the online interactive campaign, allowing viewers to build their own sound/music mashups, the best of which were shown on TV.

Agency: AMV BBDO

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