SOUNDS-OF-PROTEST: A climate change code typeface (2019 - 2020)

  • Bianca Maria Nitu

The Sounds-of-Protest typeface gives the climate change movement a visual voice and articulates their beliefs through symbolic typography. It tackles the issue of the climate crisis by creating a recognizable typeface, leading to a graphic identity accessible to everybody. Sounds-of-Protest is an emergency code that embodies a message and unites, intrigues, and informs an audience. There are two fonts available, Regular and Fill, both based on the concepts of intensity, sound, and cymatics. It is designed for protesters, activists, and engaged individuals. The goal is to raise awareness, communicate, and get everybody together for this cause. It is a call to action!

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The focus of the project is the issue of climate change and how to raise awareness, communicate and get people together for this cause.
The typeface would be valuable and impactful because it connects people for an emergency situation; raises awareness; it is recognizable protest language, easy to share and use trough the platforms and resources available.
Cymatics is the study of sound and vibration made visible. Sound affects physical materials and has the quality of creating geometric patterns. It has 2 main proprieties: frequency - measured in Hertz, and Intensity. Humans hear sounds between 20 - 20.000 Hz. In our perspective this would translate as a metaphor for protest - Wanting to get your voice heard but not being heard - the limit between noise and silence, between peace and chaos.
The grid of the typeface is based and developed on the patterns of sound, cymatics. Sound generates from the simplest to the most complicated cymatic patterns based on the frequency and intensity.
  • low - simple pattern
  • high - complex pattern
We started from the most simple pattern and 'increased' the intensity/complexity of the grid, therefore, type imitates sound.​