Spar Hazelnut Chocolate spread label design

  • Ely Zanni

Redesign of the hazelnut chocolate spreads for Spar Supermarket Spain, introducing a fresh design and mouth watering imagery consistent across the various types of containers, as well as within the entire product line over the different sections, helping the brand gain recognition among their consumers. These labels were part of the redesign of the entire product line of Spar Supermarket for their Spanish market, and my mission was to introduce a dynamic, modern and refreshing look to the existent articles, whilst implementing a consistent design to establish the brand. Although the design system and guidelines were set up by the art director, each product introduced a new challenge and problem that I had to find a solution to. A very fun way to learn more about food packaging design + labeling, printing materials and techniques. Client: Spar Española Agency: Disenius Barcelona Year: 2011-2014