Speculate // Exhibition and Event

  • Cristina Ricci
  • Aric Miller
  • Elena Konyushihina

Group project part of the Transforming (Critical) Practices module (2019) in the MA Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths, University of London.

How does a platform operate when a plan is purely conceptual?
This is one of the questions that my classmates and I asked ourselves while writing the group statement for our collaborative project.

We organised a collective exhibition and event – or better, a “speculative party” – on May 16th, 2019 at Grow Tottenham, London. The day included hypothetical scenarios and events, each related in some way to our own research interests and broader themes within the course.

Because we didn’t have a budget and couldn’t afford to self-fund it, we asked our community to supply the necessary tools that we needed in order to carry out the project we had conceptualised. We outlined our needs (physical items, materials, skills, and ideas) in the Facebook invitation and we, as organisers, didn’t know what was being contributed until the event started. Chance, spontaneity, improvisation, and compromise lied at the core of this project.

We were thrilled by the turnout and the resources that visitors brought to realise the various workshops. In addition to contributing to the organisation of the project, I also created and co-curated the Instagram account @transformingcriticalpractices, where I posted information about the event on the days leading up to it and added pictures & videos as it unfolded throughout the evening.