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Founded by seasoned brand strategist Neil McKie in 2014, Stance has become one of the most accomplished creative agencies on the scene, working with a roster of UK and international clients in a wide array of sectors over the past five years. In that time, Neil and his team have created world-renowned brands, designed digital products used by millions and won a reputation for communicating complex ideas with clarity, precision and elegance. In 2019, Neil recognised that, as a respected and influential creative company, Stance has a responsibility to effect positive change. Stance saw that creating value for their clients and stakeholders could be compatible with contributing value to society and protecting the environment. Realigned, repurposed, and with bigger ambitions than ever, Stance continues to draw on its expertise to deliver game-changing behavioural insight and design transformative communications, experiences and digital products that engender trust and encourage positive decision-making. WHAT WE DO FOR STANCE Zetteler is on a mission to drive positive change. So is Stance. You can see why we’d get on. Neil approached us to collaborate as the agency evolves to the next stage and intensifies its commitment to positive, purposeful work. We’re thrilled to join them on the journey, help them communicate their mission, and share our mutual vision for a better future.

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