Standard Chartered - Stand Red

  • Darren Collins
  • Lizi Hamer

Following the success of ‘The Power of Numbers’ 17/18 season content campaign, a play on the brand’s name ‘Stand Red’ became 18/19 season campaign. The campaign focused on the Stand Red mobile app, which provided functionally to enable overseas fans to feel together as a family at game time, wherever they were in the world. The app functionality included Augmented Reality to unlock animated stories on the shirt, wake up calls at game time and a ‘tap-in’ to the famous ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ sign, above the tunnel at Anfield. The content all needed to be shot in the pre-season in a very short timeframe with limited access to players and staff. As the team were travelling a lot we needed to create a visual aesthetic that could work across shoots all season, but would often need to be created very quickly in small spaces, such as hotel rooms. The launch content focused on two manifesto pieces to launch the campaign, then more functional ways to illustrate app functionality such as the augmented reality shirt stories and wake up calls. The role of the content was to build awareness and drive downloads of the mobile app, on social channels.