Stay Behind

  • Federica Schiavello
  • Marta Montina
  • Jake Morris
  • Giacomo Jay Ganduglia
  • Paolo Bischi
  • Chantal Amari

Set during the Years of Lead in Italy, Stay Behind unveils the other side of terrorism, instability and misleading of investigations on behalf a secret military organisation: Operation Gladio. Antonella is one of the few women within the operation and allegedly a hidden mastermind. Based on a true story. Stay Behind - Lo stato parallelo dietro l’agenda rossa Written & Directed by: Federica Schiavello Starring: Heléna Antonio With the participation of: Andrei Maniata Creative Director: Giacomo Ganduglia Production: WAYE Producers: Federica Schiavello - Metello Giordani DOP & Steady Op: Paolo Bischi Gaffer: Ciaron Craig 1st AC: Jake Morris 2nd AC / Best girl: Flavia Scagni Production Designer: Giorgia Lee Joseph Art Assistant: Francesca Landi Production Management / AD: Marta Montina Assistant Production: Candra Johnson - Beatriz Pereira Costume Designer: Vicky Turner Costume Stand-by: Annushka Rogers HMUA: Chantal Amari Hair Design: The Posticherie - Aaliyah Oke Sound Operator: Rob Wingfield Editor: Federica Schiavello Music by: Enrico Mereu Sound Designer: Cristian Crepaldi Colourist: Paolo Bischi CG Artist & VFX Supervisor: Giacomo Ganduglia Compositor & VFX Supervisor: Denise Esposito FX Artist: Mason Hilligenn Compositor: Antonia Palmer Compositor: Safa Alkassab Executive Producers: Federica Schiavello, Giacomo Ganduglia, John Dodds. Extra special thanks to: Fresh & Fruity London Vlad Jakovlev Shelford Place Studios Linda Dorigo Atta & The Ice Cream Truck