Step In Martinique I Collaborative Live Art & Music event

  • Lauren Boniface

We did it ! Created an event allowing people to truly experiment the story and the vibe that lead to creating a piece of Art. An immersive and collaborative experience, where guests don’t only fully “Step In “a creative experience but also get to co-create with the artists.

I go to quite a lot of exhibitions and art galleries and whenever I discover the work, the inspiration, the story that lead to the creation of an Artwork I have this .’Haaaah ‘moment where I am really impressed by it all. But, sometimes, I also found it quite frustrating… There is so much to tell and to share that for me putting a painting on a wall in a white gallery is not enough and doesn’t do justice to the Artwork.
The marketer and trained advertising expert in me, was then inspired to create an experience telling the story of the artists, bringing the art to life.
The culture in Martinique is unique: with influences from France, Africa, India, South America… The painter Paul Gauguin did some of his most significant work whilst in Residence in Martinique where he mentioned “have found his true-self”.
Step in Martinique event aims at inviting guests to discover or re-discover the fusion of culture in Martinique through Art and Music.
In a cosy, intimate venue in the centre of London, the Old Street Records, guests opened the curtain and Stepped in Martinique. They were welcome by the amazing artwork of 3 photographers from Martinique : Mr Geez , Aurelie Chantelly, and Indigochromia
The public participated and created a song live with Kennenga, whilst Moera was realising a painting live, also inspired by the public… We created a song talking about : what makes you feel home when you are away from home.
This one night event was a true success, better that I hoped for, and there will definitely be a second edition as the most asked questions towards the end was : “When is the next one ?”
This is how I want Art to be “Lived’, this is the connection that I would always want to have with the Artists themselves. This is what I want to promote and advertise more and more…