• Tati Yusuf

Tatiana AKA Habibtati, Iranian, Armenian + Iraqi - South-West London born DJ serves us with a multi-genre energetic mix! Growing up with a lot of Arab and Armenian music, Habibtati is heavily inspired by her background, upbringing and her training in keys and singing. For Tatiana, it is about experimenting with music, dancing and ultimately finding her own identity. Tracklist: Arca - Madreviolo Beyoncé - Naughty Girl Mechatok - 12 Years Sega Bodega - Daddy Al Nather & Shabjdeed - Mtaktak FJAAK - Flash Andy - Dokhtare Irooni Shabjdeed & Al Nather - Amrikkka Loraine James - Marg (feat. Tardast) Arev Armenian Folk Ensemble - Zim Khorotik Yar Andy - Ameneh Quay Dash - Queen of This Shit Charli XCX - Unlock It (feat. Kim Petras and Jay Park) Islam Chipsy - Fast Track (feat. EEK) City Girls - Jobs Rema - Woman Danny L Harle & DJ Danny - On a Mountain Alice Longyu Gao - I Want My Hoe Time Back Assala - Aadah Only Fire- ASMR SOPHIE-Just like we never said goodbye ARCA ft Shygirl- Watch MURLO- EVAPORATE RECOVERY GIRL FT GALE TIPTON- Its Love