Student Art Pass

  • Phoebe Man
  • Cecilie Tchikai

THE BRIEF: To create a campaign to drive the sales of the Student Art Pass amongst university students.

We wanted to target students initially via social media verticals, themes like fashion and music, and their influencers by showing our product being the ‘pass pack’.
This would be a DIY card which consider details of each group with specific trends at the time. The concepts would be updated seasonally for relevant characteristics, this being an indication of when it was given and add a sence of personalisation.
The personalisation encourages students to "switch off" and connect creatively. The act of doing an activity away from technology speaks to creatives and non-creative and by offering the simplicity of collaging, it can be for anyone. The stickers build the foundation for their own art that would then motivate exploration and inspiration.
The stickers are developed in experiences in universities, on a bigger scale. Workshops in the different spaces would have oversized badges to be placed by students on the usual Art Fund posters. This disrupts the norm and rebels against traditional thoughts on art.