The Blink Spheres - Information Design

  • Arunagiri Ramadurai

By recording a 24-hour gaming marathon and analyzing my blinking behavior over time, I made an intriguing discovery: my blinking frequency significantly decreases as the hours progress. To showcase this outcome, I employed six 3D printed spheres, with each sphere symbolizing a four-hour interval. Through the implementation of unique textures within each sphere, I effectively represented the varying frequencies of blinking observed during the corresponding time periods.

The 3D printed spheres are thoughtfully positioned on stands, also crafted through 3D printing. Each stand provides essential information about its corresponding sphere, including the number of blinks and the specific time period it represents. Beyond their visual appeal, these spheres are designed to be interactive. They can be held in one’s hands, allowing individuals to experience the textures firsthand and absorb the information through the sense of touch.
In addition to the interactive spheres, the exhibit includes a meticulously crafted French folded booklet. This booklet serves as a guide for viewers, providing detailed instructions on how to interpret and analyze the data presented within the spheres. By combining tactile elements with informative visuals, “The Blink Spheres” offers a compelling and immersive experience that facilitates a deeper understanding of blinking patterns during extended gaming sessions.