The 'C' Word #Lyttle Fight co-written with Nick Entwistle

  • Louise Chorley
  • Nick Entwistle

My goddaughter Isabella has been fighting Neuroblastoma since 2010, and in 2017 after a third relapse, Isabella’s family needed help, treatment options in the UK were running out and a new vaccine trial in America was showing positive results in other kids with the same disease. After 7 years of feeling helpless, there was finally something I could do. I ran collab brief with One Minute Briefs on Twitter to generate ideas for a social media campaign to help raise the mammoth £155k needed to get Isabella to America for treatment. I was approached by Trunk who said that they'd like to help Isabella and asked if we would like them to shoot a video to raise awareness. I emailed them the following day with a handful of concepts, one of which was a script I’d written based on one of the OMB entries. Within a couple of days Nick Entwistle emailed me having finished and polished my script. Not long after that, Isabella’s video had been shot, edited and posted on social media. The response was phenomenal. The video has now been viewed over 20 million times, having featured on numerous social media and news channels (including UniLad and BBC News) and Isabella’s fund has grown. A year later and Isabella now has enough funds for America, so once she is in remission she will be on that plane to access the vaccine trial.