The Dot

  • Kat Zawadzki

The Dot is a podcast I independently researched, scripted, and produced that is All. About. Periods. The Dot was created as part of an Emerging Media course at Ryerson University – my professor told me afterwards that he was saving the episodes to play for his own daughter when she got a little older, which was the greatest feedback I could have received! Alongside the podcast itself, I also designed a series of promotional banner ads and postcards for the series that feature many, many period puns. I am so proud of this project, and hope to produce more episodes soon.

Episode 1: Period Pals

The crimson wave. The girl flu. Bloody Mary. That time-of-the-month. On the rag. She/It. Mother Nature. Shark week. Lady time. Aunt Flo. Whatever you call it, we want to chat about it! 
In this introductory episode, our resident period pal Kat Zawadzki takes us through the history of ~menstruation~ (it's pretty cool, actually) & shares some of her own sad stories about the cultural taboo of PERIODS.

Episode 2: But Now What?

In this episode we chat about the most crucial part of maintaining period sanity... the PRODUCTS. Tampons, pads, cups, sea sponges & Thinx panties are just some of the things we discuss in this episode of The Dot!