The Grime Show

  • Cahal Naughton
  • Andy Hackney
  • Omar Da Costa
DJ Big Mikee with Vader, Hitman, C4, Deadly, Tantskii & Fudz - 30th September 2018

Debut appearance from Brum's finest DJ Big Mikee alongside some heavyweight names out of the West Mids. Joined by Ruff Sqwad's Fudz for an unmissable one-off special.
Logan Sama with YGG & Manga - 23rd September 2018
Promoting the release of YGG - Turn Up & Manga ft. PK - Lyrical Thuggery as well as talking about recent live shows with Spentshell and YGG's part in Footlocker's TN FM campaign.
Spooky with Jamakabi, Villain & D Power - 16th September 2018
Realz was initially billed for this lineup to showcase the Rhythm Rollers crew but he couldn't make it so D Power stepped in as a last minute replacement.
A.G's Birthday Set with Hyperfrank, P Money, Lioness, Blacks, Fuda Guy, Mob Set, Armzout, Halo & Tike - 9th September 2018
To celebrate A.G's Birthday, Grime blogger and Executive Editor of Trench Magazine Laura Brosnan aka Hyperfrank joined A.G for an interview in the first half of the show. The second half featured an almost hour long set with some of A.G's favourite MCs.
Grandmixxer with Devilman, Fiasqo & TG - 2nd September 2018
A very exciting combination of styles, Devilman on a Grandmixxer set. Devilman is also a rare fixture on the scene, especially in London, so another reason to get excited about this show.
Logan Sama with P Money & Little Dee - 26th August 2018
Promoting the release of Back 2 Back, Logan enquires how the project came about which leads onto detailed discussion of the industry as a whole and the business acumen required to succeed within such a niche scene. P & Dee then showcase some of the B2B bars crafted together on the project.
Spooky with D Power, Discarda, Deadly, Jay 0117, Stogey, RD & Mr X - 19th August 2018
3 sets in one show here - first brothers RD & X step up, then Deadly & Jay 0117 take over and finally Discarda, Stogey & D Power tie things up. Made for a very entertaining show.
A.G with Vision Crew, Blacks & Mistakay - 12th August 2018
Another eventful show from A.G. Kicks off with a Blacks interview & freestyle. Then a phoner with 'Top Producer' Mistakay followed by the Top Producer mix - 10 minutes of strictly Mistakay productions. Second hour features an interview with Vision Crew to promote their Swimming In The Blue release then gets straight into the set to close out the show.
Grandmixxer with Trilla & Bomma B - 5th August 2018
Two of Birmingham's finest grace a Grandmixxer set. Results are the highest of energies. No surprises there.

Logan Sama with Devlin & Syer B - 29th July 2018
Two of Grime's originators Devlin & Syer B join Logan to chat about their latest joint project Something In The Water and let the listeners in on what it was really like in the early days.
DJ Jampak with Big Zuu, Eyez, Faultsz & Rawza - 22nd July 2018
Rinse resident DJ Jampak steps in after Teddy (Silencer) as the 2nd special guest DJ to take over the open week 5 slot. He enlists a very solid lineup of young MCs from around the UK as his starting 4.
Spooky with Slew Dem Mafia, Reece West & Melvillous - 15th July 2018
2 sets for the price of 1. Reece West & Melvillous warm things up, Slew Dem Mafia (Clipson, Krucial & Rage) taking you through for the finale.
A.G with Saf One, Kamakaze, Snowy & Silencer - 8th July 2018
Snowy sits in as this week's co-host, Silencer is crowned Top Producer and last but by no means least Brum's own Saf One goes back to back with Leicester City's Kamakaze.
Grandmixxer with Flirta D, Milli Major, Swarvo & Mez - 1st July 2018