The Order of Time

  • Sam Aldridge
  • Joseph Botcherby

Joseph and I were approached by Penguin Books to collaborate on the launch of a new book by best-selling author Carlo Rovelli. The book, titled The Order of Time, focuses on our finite understanding of time as a concept. Our aim was to create an animation that could begin to encapsulate this fundamental, albeit very human, lack of comprehension. Carlo Rovelli's work excels in being vast and poetic while approachable and clear. In my animation that went with the announcement of his latest book, ever-changing branches of time spread out across the screen as our protagonist, alone, advances onwards. CREDITS Narration: Benedict Cumberbatch Art Direction: Joseph Botcherby / Sam Aldridge Animation / 3D: Sam Aldridge Illustration: Joseph Botcherby Sound Design: Giovanni Civitenga