The residue of a flare ignited upon a boundary

  • Greg Kampouridis
  • Sylvia Tzvetanova Yung
  • Abby Davies

This exhibition occurred with the historic event of an EU membership referendum in the UK, with a vote to leave. Students from ten different countries could not ignore this event in their final exhibition. So in the aftermath, and in a new landscape of volatile reactions and political unrest, they made DaDa poems, mixing words evoking: borders, cities, homes, work, education, travelling, splitting, sharing and belonging. Titles in- cluding: ‘Border Beach’, ‘Jukebox Skyscraper’ and ‘Ever Island’, resulted in the decision to borrow Weiner’s work as a title. This was a homage but also recognizing something potent which is greater than the moment, that is, the legacy of conceptual art that has cut radically into history and recognizes the powerful and embedded relationship of thinking, making and politics. Weiner’s art can literally be disseminated by word of mouth. Much of the early work rehearses simple actions in- volving basic substances—pouring paint, digging trenches, removing plaster—and, like all subsequent examples, are stated in the past tense to avoid the authoritative tone of a command. Others are more spectacular, involving firecrackers and dynamite.