The Tramworks

  • Sofia Rebert
The Tramworks is a project that we have been able to bring to life through resurrecting its rich history and redesigning it into it modern day incarnation. Hatherley Mews had for over 100 years been a hub for small businesses. The new owner of the Mews wanted to create a real sense of identity around the now vibrant and creative community in Walthamstow, but felt it imperative to have a memorable name and a beautiful brand.
While initially presented to us as a vacant building after much research we discovered a goldmine of history, culture and folklore. Out of this abundance grew a natural design that pays homage to the history with iconic details from the period. The choice of Baton as the font was inspired by the typeface used on Tram the roller blinds during the early twentieth century. While, the secondary graphic element that runs through the entire brand of lines and dashes is based on the tram routes, with each dash helping to create space and break up the information.
Further embracing the historical side of the building, black and white with a shot of red were chosen to reflects the colour of the trams in London in 1905. While corten steel plaques and detailing evoke images of the steel used on the tramlines.
And as they say, it’s all in a name. Such was the case with The Tramworks. We felt that with resurrecting the history of The Tramworks into its modern day incarnation the name should reflect and support this, hence The Tramworks was born.
With a great location, beautiful thoughtful design and an iconic name The Tramworks has full occupancy with all spaces being taken in advance of opening!