There's more to this than you think.

  • Sarah Morgan
  • Nick Wotton

There's more to this than you think documents the Cardiff 'Bike Life' scene that made its way across the UK. Although on the surface it looks like these guys are trouble makers and vandals, photographer Nick Wotton dug a little deeper to uncover the anti-establishment mentality that has driven groups like this to form throughout history. He asked me to collaborate on the project by writing this introduction.

Dangerous, menacing and an utter nuisance... the un-enlightened and suspicious mind might conclude of a mass of youths who spend half of their time on two wheels, the other half on one, and cause mayhem on whichever roads they descend upon.
Fearless, dedicated and thrill-seeking to those who have been welcomed to the Bike Life movement making its way across the UK right now.
Following the many sub-cultural bike movements throughout history, Bike Life can be likened to a contemporary version of the Mods vs Rockers era. Although this time it’s Bike Life vs Society. Where the monotony of the typical every day - eat, sleep, work, repeat - simply is not accepted. When voices are shadowed by mass media and stereotypes, there’s only one thing to do... and that is to cause a scene that nobody can ignore.
Through wheelies, stunts and an anti-establishment mentality, a community of expressionists has formed, that can only ever be understood by those who have created it, and still continue to do so.
Although you only have to visit Cardiff city centre to see these guys pulling tricks left, right and centre, gaining inside access can prove difficult. Pulling this kind of stuff is in fact considered a criminal offence, and can result in fines, bike seizures or even imprisonment. I can imagine that this attribute only fuels the need for speed attitude that they each hold. It appears that these lot will do anything for a cheap thrill... so if you’ve got a bike, then you’re pretty much in.
The movement has gained a lot of momentum over the past year, and through its large social media presence, and a strong desire for recognition, Nick was fortunate enough to get in touch with Danny, who is at the forefront of the Cardiff Bike Life movement.
During visits to car parks, abandoned buildings and a London ‘Bike Stormz’, Nick met people from all corners of the community who welcomed him to document their lifestyle.
This documentation of the Cardiff Bike Life community allows the movement to be represented freely and offers an insight to their reality, which is far gone from the assumptions of the lawless, mob mentality that is often assumed.