# They've Haddock Enough

#They’veHaddockEnough is a campaign designed to get people to think about plastic pollution with the tag line “You wouldn’t eat plastic, so why are they?” aiming to get people to think twice about dumping their plastic. The visuals also follow this up with illustrations of haddocks and plastic rubbish inside them. I created this campaign after reading a few articles online about how plastic is now found in many fish in the ocean, and humans are eating the fish. I decided to create this campaign for Waitrose as a high end supermarket could afford to have incentives such as “collect 10 plastic bottles and we’ll give you £1 off fish” and Waitrose also interact with people on a more personal level giving the impression that they care about its customers. Incentives are a good way of getting people to do things as not only are they doing good but it also benefits them too.

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Rosie Thomas

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  • Graphic Design Intern

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