Tian Mao

  • chuan jia
  • Pepper Wang
For Tian Mao (part of the Alibaba Group) I designed a collection of packages which would be used to contain traditional New Year gifts.  The resultant designs represented not only the cultural features of Beijing and the festive spirit the “Tianmao” New Year.
My key visual and theme was the “Beijing box”. When you removed the box lid,you found various little packages each revealing tasty food products or special red envelopes (which in China always contain money). The top faces of the boxes collectively made a beautiful image of Beijing Hutong, a distinctive style of old communities which include residences and workshops.
Overall my design was a retro-version of handmade traditional packages,My design and illustrations enabled the combination of different branded products into one convenient gift box, while maintaining the collective memory of giving handmade crafts.


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