• Susana Lopez F.

A constant in my life, and my work, is my obsession with time, time that goes by so fast and that we cannot never make up for. There are many times in my life when I wish I could make time stand still for a while or that I were able to travel in a time machine and go back to past times. I am inspired by the fascination I have with crowds, I use the camera with the intention of freezing moments, to make an attempt to stop time. All the pictures that define the visual diary of my work are an illusion of stopping the watch as I convert myself in a spectator of life where everything else keeps on moving. I work with several layers to reflect what happens around us, to show what we are missing when we do not live the present consciously. Each picture is an invitation to think about a life we live too fast. We often forget to enjoy the present and suddenly this present becomes past and it is impossible to recover it. Each picture is an invitation to enjoy the world around us each day, perhaps the future will never arrive.

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    Paris College of Art

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