• Timi Akindele-Ajani
  • Gavin Dunn
  • Estrella Mabika
  • Cora Kirk

Malaya needs to pay her rent by the end of the working day now she has to make some phone calls she'd rather not have to. A 9min short film made during the last lockdown, a real lo-fi production. Whole film available on vimeo!

Malaya - Cora Kirk
Paul - Samuel Rintoul
Lydia - Estrella Mabika
Vicky - Lauren Drennan
+44 - Gavin Dunn
Louis - Miles Paloma
Tony - John Vernon

Written by: Timi Akindele-Ajani & Rosa Kimosa

Shot, directed & Edited by: Timi Akindele-Ajani

Lots of love to Thirdchannel film for their continued support.