• Alejandra Castillo Madera

I have a fascination for doing trailers, deep emotions in a short time. I love to play with sounds, music and moods. Here are some example of my work as a trailer and promo editor.

Playing with Fire
Playing with Fire (Spanish title: Jugar con fuego) is a THRILLER Latin America TV series produced by Telemundo.

Sales Video - Telemundo LAS2019

I love this kind of project, matching images from different series to unify them in the same mood, emotion or action. I only regret putting too much violent content and this was an internal sale video, not for broadcasting.
Celia Cruz was a Cuban-American singer and the most popular Latin artist of the 20th century, gaining twenty-three gold albums during her career. Celia the TV SHOW, was the first time a network told her story. I am so glad to have collaborated with the editing to the marketing campaign and the main trailer for the show.
AXN New Seasons Campaign
AXN, a channel focused on procedural series such as CSI, Criminal Mind and NCISA. I did the creative directing and the editing of the promo campaign. The work involved watching a lot of episodes of the different series and match them all together with a great editing and a great script.
El Final del Paraíso
Happy to have collaborated with the editing of the trailer and the marketing campaign of this TV series which was #1 program on its premier. " The premiere of Telemundo's "El Final del Paraíso," the new era of the hit series "Sin Senos Si Hay Paraíso," ranked as the # 1 primetime drama series in America last night among adults 18-49 and adults 18-34, according to Nielsen. "El Final del Paraíso" was the #1 program in total day on premiere night, regardless of language, in New York and Miami among adults 18-49; the #1 Spanish-language program in primetime among A18-49 in Los Angeles; and the #1 Spanish-language program at 9 pm among A18-49 in Dallas and Chicago." August, 2019
Every year cable channels get together in conference to present their new branding strategy and programming for the year. They project their video in 3 big screens with Watchout System and the original size of the video is 5047 x 768 A fun project to edit and play with!!
MAX Sales Tape
Max is a TV channel for Latin America focused on the art of films. They have the most noted independent movies, documentaries, author films and international classic movies. This has been one of my favorite jobs!! I had to see a lot of their broadcast programming and take iconic images to edit a 3 min video that sells the content and branding of the channel.

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