U.E: Product Concept & UI/UX Design

  • Jazzy Olive
  • Soh-yon Park

The U.E (aka, Understanding Experience) toolkit aims to facilitate a workplace of understanding. Through a carefully selected Buddy & Mentor scheme, U.E pairs a disabled worker with an able-bodied worker via the U.E app. This is an opportunity for Mentors (disabled worker) to educate their Buddy (able-bodied worker) through a series of listening and action tasks. Buddy’s & Mentors meet on a regular basis, working together, and learning from each other in order to cultivate a harmonious and understanding workforce.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

Prototype →

u.e mentor

Our mentors share their experiences of working with a disability with their buddy. Working together, they create solutions to reduce stigma and increase opportunities.

u.e buddy

Our buddy’s are there to learn from the mentors, by experiencing their disability and working with them to make the workplace more accessible.

Stakeholder Presentation

Presenting initial concepts to potential collaborators from IDEO.
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A big thank you to our disability mentors and interviewees: Hasan, Neela, Jakub, and Cecilia for donating their time and experiences towards our research and ongoing prototyping. And an extra special thanks to our collaborators: Soh-yon Park and Ivana Llobet for their hard work towards this ongoing project.