UI/UX and Brand Identity — Look Mom, I'm a Chef!

  • Samuele Di Mauro
The brief required: a 4 pages lifestyle website prototype designed in Axure RP; a one page microsite, coded in HTML and CSS. Behind the website prototype and during the design process, I ended up creating a lifestyle brand. I decided then to design a little brand identity for Look Mom I'm a Chef! included in the final delivery.
Project: Brand Identity. Responsive Design. Web Design. HTML & CSS.
Needs & Problems
The brief didn't actually ask a solution to any problem. It just needed a
lifestyle topic so I could develop my microsite prototype, and so I choose food. However, during my reasearch one goal was very important to me that it needed to be achieved: make life easier to students who live abroad from their home country.
Hyphotesis & Concept
Once analysed how other food-related websites communicate and base their content, I understood what features my website was going to have, including a community, vegan and find a store sections. Another useful feature I wanted for the website was a link which redirects you to the shop with the cheapest price for the ingredient chosen. I created then three different moodboards to help myself choose a creative direction for the website.

The outcome is a lifestyle website for students living abroad who are
passionate about cheap and healthy food, thus cooking. Look Mom I'm a Chef! aims to inform, entertain, inspire, and connect students within a strong community area and sharable contents. To do so, I had to keep the focus on what are the students' needs such as saving money, being healthy, and have some fun. Look Mom I'm a Chef! is a platform but also a potential brand with a hint of merchandising.
Final delivery
The final delivery required a five pages website prototype in Axure RP following the 12 heuristics rules by Jakob Nielsen; a one page microsite coded in html and CSS; plus, what I created myself: a brand and its identity which gave me some context to build the website.

Thank you!