Unpacking the UK's systemic racism in 15 search terms

  • Zuki Sedgley
  • Sarah Grech
  • Lara Janani
  • Martin Fürst
  • Daniel Kelly
  • Emily Shorvon
  • Hannah E. Davies
  • Sakura Rimal
  • Jamie Nicoll
  • Matt Booy

Four times more likely’, ‘slavery tax’, ‘health bias UK’: understanding systemic racism in the UK is often only a search away. Yet, when we talk about racism, we often do so with an American lens. Frustrated with racial inequality conversations focusing largely on America, we set out to address the systems that discriminate against people of colour closer to home. Using a powerful manifesto and phrase intrinsically linked to structural racism in the UK, we invited people to stop what they were doing and start searching. Fifteen different search terms were used to unpack everything from biases in healthcare and education, to policing and more. We took these search terms to the streets of London with flyposters and stickers and to social feeds across the country. Inspired by the disruptive nature of protest, our designs used the striking colours and bold typography of the Black Lives Matter movement to grab people’s attention. The response we received was overwhelming. London BLM shared our post on their Instagram page, which led to social shares and hundreds of visits to the website in its first week. The following week saw shares across a variety of publishers, driving even more traffic and conversation.