Unsigned Stories X Apple

  • Emma Coleman

A creative brief to connect with unsigned recording artists to create a collective visual narrative. Using iPad Pros, Apple Pencils, MacBook Pros and iPhones they recorded initial conversations and used the exchange to develop a story that was designed to evolve online, on social media and within more traditional media platforms.

Tento’s Story
The brief was to simply tell the artist’s story. It begins with finding the correct artist(s) who are passionate about music.
Tento (translates ‘to light’ in Japanese) is a trio of DJs whose purpose in life is the pursuit of pleasure via DJ-ing. When interviewing Tento they had a roughness and rawness to them, a sexualised language and a hedonistic attitude.
Creation of Visual Narrative

Having gained an insight into the DJ collective’s personality, what stands out is their hedonistic attitude. Inspired by Greek mythology a natural connection was made to Bacchus, the Greek god of hedonism, and his festival ‘bacchanalia’. I positioned Tento as the new gods of bacchanalia and the visual narrative of ‘The New Bacchanalian World’ began.
Art Direction
Bacchanalian festival were held in strict privacy, and initiates were bound to secrecy therefore the visual narrative begin in black and white and rather transforms into this colourful world. To communicate the welcoming into this new world. The visual style has a rawness and hints of sexual references communicated with a vector based style.