Vispring, founded in 1901 in Plymouth, is one of the world’s most luxurious and prestigious heritage bed and mattress makers. With every bed being fully handmade and bespoke to each customer, their key drivers were increasing online enquiries and visits to showrooms, rather than digital transactions. Matter Of Form worked with Vispring to bring back life to their online presence. We art-directed photography, concept ideation, detailed UX and website design and technology development. Vispring launched a complete new webstore with a new visual language that pushed the boundaries in the luxury bed industry.

We were tasked with demonstrating how a traditional heritage brand can stand out in a competitive landscape and push product details through story-telling and clever categorisation of products. The approach to UX has allowed for the execution of exceptionally crafted touchpoints throughout the online Vispring journey, ensuring effortless navigation with clear taxonomy and categorisation of products. A ‘store locator’ tool accommodates over 300 store details and navigation globally. Balancing form with function has been a priority, setting the tone for Vispring’s ongoing approach to digital design and development. A new design concept has been introduced to help sharpen Vispring’s brand identity, showcasing its product portfolio through a lifestyle lens and truly bringing it to life.