we partied in dracula’s haunted castle and lived to tell the tale

  • Agathe Monmont

You hear ‘Transvlvania’ and you think ‘Dracula’. You hear ‘would you like to come and party in Dracula’s actual castle on actual Halloween in actual Transylvania?’ and you think a few more, like ‘wot’, ‘I need to pack extra underwear’, and ‘I need a Heidi Klum-level fancy dress costume for this one’. When G Adventures invited us to Bran Castle for a 200 people-strong party on the scariest night of the year, it was an easy decision. ICYMI, Bran Castle is the setting of Bram Stoker’s iconic Dracula, looks 100% the part, is full of fascinating history, and set in stunning surroundings. Oh, and it’s haunted. Fang-tastic.