When I'm with her

For International Women’s Day 2020, AKQA New York has created When I’m With Her – a film, social campaign, and mantra that celebrates the unseen sides of the incredible women of the studio. We took this as a moment to shine a light on our women at their fullest, most authentic selves while facilitating a company culture where we are all allies to each other. Because we believe the best work and ideas come from open, collaborative environments. Supported by Adobe, the project was unveiled on Monday to the entire New York studio, followed by a fireside chat with social impact creative director Jason Rosario and children’s book author Veronica Cameron. The studio was also treated to a live clarinet performance by designer Emma Hsieh, an unseen side of herself that was featured in the film. Watch the film and see all of the unseen stories of the women of AKQA New York at @whenimwithher

“Whether it’s work or other hobbies, so much of my time is spent actively doing things. Which is why sometimes I just love to sit back and be with myself for a while. I could spend hours on end just people watching in the park on a nice day, but my favorite weekend ritual is sipping espresso on the fire escape.” - @sdankens #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“I’ve been playing instruments and experimenting with mixing/producing since I can remember. However, as I progressed through school and work, music began to take a back seat to other priorities. But every time I pick up a guitar, I remember why I love it so much.” - @tam_mas #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“I play the bass in a band. It’s something I’m proud of because it’s a means to get to know and collaborate with many other talented people, distill emotions and convey them into something as tangible as a song, while being mindful and releasing the preoccupations of the day.” @poischiche #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“Photography helps you look at something in a different way. And many times, that something is yourself.” @liz_marshall_ #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“I believe everyone has multiple personalities to them. I used to be more hesitant to show other sides of myself at work for a fear of saying the wrong thing or being looked down on. But then l began to understand that in work and in life there are different situations that call for my different personality types. For example, in some situations as a UX designer I like to just be a good listener and observer, so I can better understand the full picture. But other times, it’s better for me to be in control of the situation to make sure things are done right. Being able to share all of the different sides of myself is actually very fun.” - @e_pocket #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“ I just love creating things. It could be drawing, doodling, writing, photography, whatever. But there is something amazing about shooting with a film camera. It always sees things the same way that I do.” - @ahhhn_ #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“There’s no right or wrong in roller dance, it’s all about expressing yourself and trusting that this inclusive and loving community will dust you off when you fall” - @zhoosteen #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“I like to move and play in many different ways. Today it’s badminton, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.” - @showpak #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“I love photography. Finding beauty, colors and patterns in my day-to-day — and being able to capture it — is the most peaceful activity. My whole life is color coded." - @dissii #whenimwithher #iwd2020
"I have absolutely no hand-eye coordination. At a swimming competition at 9, they fished me out of the water for being too slow. I spent the summer of 2011 bringing my volleyball team down to the last place. However, I refused to give up on myself. At 30, I began to learn the difference between triceps and biceps, and I even earned a few fitness teaching licenses. Then a couple of months ago, I saw an Instagram ad for a triathlon this summer, and impulsively signed up for it. I immediately regretted it once I realized that I haven't gotten any better at swimming, but I keep on moving forwards and onwards.” -@thenithoughthmm #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“I find myself drawn to doing weird, unique, and interesting things. Like doing an unorthodox workout and going to a super random cultural event. So in a world with no shortage of new creative outlets, I’ll be over here doing my cross stitching.” - @morgsfitzy #whenimwithher #iwd2020
"I love making people laugh. I always like sending out funny Slack messages at work and bringing some humor to the day-to-day, but nothing compares to performing. I love holding the attention of an entire room and bringing people joy with a great joke or just a story." - @nellkess #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“Sometimes all you need to feel yourself is a good cup of coffee and woman’s best friend.” - @nic0lesalas #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“I’m a total motor head, I love riding motorcycles and driving vintage cars - nothing like the feeling of an open road and endless destinations” - @webkitten #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“So much of the day is spent sitting at a desk. So whenever I’m outside of the office, my adventurous side takes over. I explore the city by foot, and I explore the city by food.” - Olivia P. #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“I love anything that involves movement, joy, being totally present and tapping into my body and not my head.” - @opheliastimp #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“Life without books is like a body without a soul- I love nothing more than to dive into a good book.” - @sarahgosselin #whenimwithher #iwd2020
"I love to sit in silence for long periods of time in my thoughts. This helps me plan out my next steps in my life, then I write it all down and execute." - @sherijohn_ #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“I love to cook because it brings people together. I grew up in a large family with a single mother and she cooked everything under the sun for us. Back then, I could only think about how good the food was, but now I see how much it’s a part of my personality. I love how I’m into many different cultures and always interested to know what walks of life people emerged from.” - Sophia B. #whenimwithher #iwd2020
“I am a very active and outdoorsy person. It’s in my New Zealand roots. I cycle. I camp. I hike. I do HIIT workouts most days. But when I really need to feed my soul, I take African and hip hop dance classes.” - @stacemate #whenimwithher #iwd2020
"Many people perceive boxing as intense and maybe even a little violent. But when I lace up my gloves, I feel grounded and focused, ready to take on the impossible .” @sarahcunn #whenimwithher #iwd2020
Read all of the unseen stories of the women of AKQA New York at @whenimwithher