WHISTLES SS15 LFW Presentation

Concept and design for Whistles SS15 presentation for London Fashion Week, by My Beautiful City production

The notion of mirroring and reflecting was the site specific starting point, in the form of mapping down the angled ‘light shadow’ from the windows onto the floor. In the second presentation space, the idea morphed into reflecting the window panels onto the floor as bases for the models to stand on, reaching to different lengths along the floor.

Inspired by Whistles’ minimal style and previous use of simple cube motifs the concept and design resulted in a complex cubic ‘landscape’ of elevated squares, steps, rectangles and cleverly placed mirrors. The main presentation space was entirely covered with luxurious light gray carpet forming a soft contrast to the sharp angles and lines. The sunlight through the windows threw its shapes on top of the cubic landscape forming another visual layer, emphasized by the distorted mirrors morphing the space.

The presentation took over a classical townhouse in central London, housing a lounge area on the ground floor and two presentation spaces on the upper floors.

Photos: ©Andy Barnham