Without you

  • Alex Deeny
  • Jamie C

Without you there is no cure. One of the biggest challenges charity Anthony Nolan faces is awareness. While many people are familiar with other types of cancer, blood cancer is still relatively unknown. DRUM was tasked with increasing consideration of financial support, However, before people would care enough to support the charity, they first had to understand what Anthony Nolan do. DRUM partnered with acclaimed Director Jamie Rafn of Smuggler Production Studios and brand ambassador and Oscar Award Winner Olivia Coleman to create an emotive film called ‘’Without You’ Finding a stem cell match is a very intricate process that involves an extensive search of a global register of stem cell donors. Any financial support the charity receives funds this search and literally helps save lives. So, we wanted to find a simple way to communicate this, which led us to the kind of ‘match’ that everyone understands, romance. Today’s world offers a sea of services for people looking to ‘find a match’ and as a result, it’s something many of us have come to take for granted. But for people with blood cancer, it isn’t that simple. We used an emotion everyone has experienced at one point or other to explain the process and pull on people’s heart strings. This followed by Olivia Coleman’s voice over gave us the emotional resonance we needed.