WOLT - The Tricky Part is Choosing

  • Steffen Johansen

Through our lives we are faced with difficult choices that ultimately change who we are… Define us… Alter our course in life. Tough choices that take character and guts to make. Decisions that can create ripples in relationships and unmendable wounds in friendships…. … what do you want for dinner? Wolt is a food-delivery app, which is super easy to use and displays an array of delicious meals - which only makes the choice of what to go for harder. How do you choose when every single offer looks absolutely yummy and they are all right there at your fingertips? This is the struggle of modern man - with Wolt you can have whatever you want, whenever you want and it makes for an impossible choice. With this concept, we depict this struggle, the impossible choice, by showing alternative ways of choosing what to have for dinner - by letting fate decide or by competing for your favorite option. This struggle is universally recognisable and is especially relatable to people who’ve grown up with apps and the infinite choices of the internet - who knows the struggle of choosing in the modern world.