• Elliott Starr (he/ him)
I do a lot of long writing. I generally write to try and make things make sense. I do a lot of that on my blog. I also do what I can to help people coming into the creative industry. I regularly guest-lecture at universities around the country, and whilst I don't claim to be a samurai, over the years I've helped students get placements, jobs, and even awards. I've worked with organisations like The Diana Award, and Accumulate to give direction to bright, ambitious people starting out. Here's a collection of things I've written:


How to get a job as an advertising creative

Unsolicited Advice for Advertising Creatives (Linkedin Series)

'How to Create a Living Creating for a Living' (Blog Series)

Cars as a gateway for learning Advertising + Marketing

In praise of production


“Success” - wanting vs. doing vs. wanting-fuelled doing

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Career

Assorted articles/Press

Misogyny by the Minute: What decent men don’t know they don’t know, about what women suffer at the hands of men

What's Your Sat-nav? Writing for Mavericks Unlimited on habits and systems that help you build a better life.

Some Prettier Ones

Epictetus On Advertising
The Pareto Placement

Complete with a poster for creative students to put up in their studios. Design by Nicki Kythreotis