Zandra Rhodes Virtual Placement

  • Amy Wilson
  • Alexandra Halatsis
For this project I followed up on a concept suggested by my tutors. The idea is I choose a company and pretend I am working for them. I was able to experience designing a collection with someone else’s style for the first time.

Although, I was still learning and experimenting with techniques new to me, in the back of my mind, I had an ideal look that I needed to bide by. Zandra Rhodes, I felt, I would be able to follow. I like bold and big and I tried to work in her way using silk. I also tried digital printing onto polyester using a heat press. I really broadened my way of working and am now able to narrow down what didn’t work for me. the outcome of such solid colours on transparent fabric turned out a lot more feminine than I had originally planned but i think the mix works well and Zandra's collections are more often on silky chiffon.


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