Zendesk - The Museum of Annoying Experiences

  • Daniel Kelly
  • Zuki Sedgley

Being stuck on hold. Trying to explain a complex problem to a simple helper bot. Bad customer service is annoying. Zendesk wants to change that, and build a future where customer service is seamless and helpful, always. To bring their vision to life, we created the Museum of Annoying Experiences: a digital gallery of the annoying customer experiences Zendesk seeks to end. The Museum suggests a shining future where Zendesk are revered as the Champions of Customer Service. With each exhibit, the museum showcases a range of annoying customer service interactions. From a rhythm game which tests your ability to keep somebody on hold for as long as possible, to a video tribute to the present-day customer service nightmare that is budget air travel. With copy written by historians in the year 3000 and art direction that creates a stylish 3D space, the end result is a satisfying combination of hilarious and sleek. All are invited to explore the Museum of Annoying Experiences and relive some of their most frustrating customer service interactions, before Zendesk, the Champions of Customer Service, makes them extinct once and for all.


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