As I am graduating this summer, I would love to hear your words of advice and thoughts of wisdom for any pending graduates!

I hope to collect the answers for a blogpost on my blog

Thank you!


  • Even if the job search is slow , especially now, do try not to get down about it. It only takes one yes and then the search is over essentially. Also, if you have any friends in jobs that you’re interested in - deffo hit them up and see if you can get in with them , even if it’s 2 weeks unpaid (try not to do too much unpaid work)
  • Put yourself out there. Contact as many people in your chosen field as possible big and small. Go and meet as many people as possible. Create a website to showcase your work, include highlight links in your emails to people. Attend events, take part in online Zoom / YouTube talks. Be present and have a voice in the community you want to be part of.
  • Hiya! I run a women's careers platform called Her Hustle and we do weekly lunchtime webinars focused on providing career insight and guidance to people entering the workforce or looking to progress in their careers.

    You can checkout what we're doing on our website: and feel free to get in touch anytime :) XX
  • Hi Elise

    You might find some parallels in this post... it was actually intended for designers looking for their first roles in the design industry but I reckon you might find some good insights in there that apply to yourself too.

    Good luck!

  • @Gina Agnew True! It can be hard finding the right workflow balance, but I guess that is something that always will be a process.
  • @Aakanksha Pant sorry, I am kindly stealing this. Thank you ☺️ Read, Write, Edit, Repeat. Keep safe and take care
  • Hi Elise,

    Some advice in here for you (obvs the networking stuff will need to be done remotely for a bit!):

    Best of luck and best wishes,

  • Keep writing, keep reading, keep thinking. It's easy to get into a slump, but although taking a well deserved break is great, remember to keep channeling and perfecting your craft. Use this summer wisely!
  • @Aakanksha Pant Great advice! Having a solid and vast foundation from reading is so important. I plan to let the slowed down lifestyle of lockdown allow me to read more this summer. Editing is so important too, I’d say it’s maybe 70% of the process!
  • One mantra that I stick by is Read. Write. Edit. Repeat. Read more than you think you should, read everything and anything. Write, write, write. Just like Lauren mentioned. And edit and re-edit your work.

    Oh, also. 'Write drink, edit sober'.

    And don't forget to have fun. Just like PAatrick very well mentioned.

    All the very best to you!
  • @Patrick Ofosu What a lovely sentence: Know your why, apply, play and fly! I’m gonna write this above my workspace!
  • Hi Elise, hope you are well and hope its been a fruitful journey. I second Lauren said. Me 2 pence. Know your why, apply, play and fly! Keep safe and take care
  • @Lauren Crain Thank you! A great advice that sometimes is hard to follow, but definitely beneficial. I will do my best!

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